Our Focus: Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational Therapy is our anchor at Windward Healthcare.

Occupations are the activities that fill our time. For example, cooking, playing, working, driving, sleeping, socializing, computer use, and cleaning (there are so many more!).

Occupational Therapy is the profession that helps individuals return to all those activities after an injury or throughout a lifespan.  We do this by listening and assessing to understand where the challenges are, what your goals are, and bridging the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be. Occupational Therapists are trained to look at the whole person, environment, and the activities. Therefore, we may help you engage in your activities by providing adaptive equipment recommendations, evidence-based education and strategies related to your physical, cognitive/brain, behavioural, and emotional health, and/or modifications to your environment and activities.

Our Clients

At Windward Healthcare, we have extensive experience working with individuals recovering from physical, mental, and brain injury, those experiencing persistent pain, ongoing concussion symptoms, anxiety, and many other health conditions.

In addition to working with adults of all ages, we work with pediatrics (typically ages 4-18 years) to support sensory needs, anxiety relief, build fine/gross motor skills, improve feeding, and manage pain.

What Does Community Based Service Mean and Where do we Meet?

Community-based means our Occupational Therapists are right there with you wherever your occupations are being done. This means, we could be meeting at your home, workplace, or other locations in your community; such as, a grocery store, community centre, or even on the bus! Being right there with you where life happens adds practical hands-on support in overcoming challenges. We know that often times, individuals know what to do, it’s just how to do it and progress that gets tricky.  It’s ok, and normal!  We are here to support and help you progressing your goals.

In addition to meeting in the community, we offer meetings at our office space in Burnaby, B.C., and through our safe, Canadian-based video-conferencing (Telehealth).

Our Story

Windward Healthcare grew from a shared interest in providing valuable contributions to healthcare.  Windward’s mission is to support individuals, allowing them the “Ability to do what you love and confidence to do what you need”. This summarizes our approach to business, our team, and our clients.

The name ‘Windward’ is derived from our love of the coast and what it represents. ‘Windward’ means facing the wind.  To us, facing the wind requires courage and determination. In nautical terms, harnessing those winds, symbolizes resourcefulness, and movement.  Sometimes, in healthcare and life at large, it can feel like the wind is blowing at us without relent.  Windward Healthcare stands as a beacon to support our clients in successfully navigating through their journey to well-being.

We are looking forward to working with you soon.