Life In Motion- A Story Worth Hearing

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Our plan for this blog was to give you the scoop on occupational therapy and ICBC (coming soon). But as I was driving to a job site assessment at the airport, Anna Maria Tremonti @TheCurrentCBC, impressed me with her captivating interview with one of the ultimate inspirations, Rick Hansen @RickHansenFdn. I can only imagine what an honour it was for her to ask questions and hear his story face-to-face. We hope that by linking this interview, the incredible message it brings is kept in motion and resonates with those on a similar journey, however big or small. Thank you Anna Maria Tremonti for your sincere curiosity regarding Rick Hansen’s journey and excitement for his contributions, and thank you Rick Hansen for delivering your experience with such authenticity and grace. Here is the interview link: Congratulations for the depth of success you have inspired in individuals and the world at large.

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