What are Communicable Diseases?

We hear this phrase often, but what are communicable diseases? Communicable diseases are illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria that spread through: direct contact with a person or animal who has the virus or bacteria, breathing in contaminated air (e.g. sharing air with an infected individual) or inhaling respiratory droplets (e.g. from coughing or sneezing), contact with bodily fluids, contact with contaminated surfaces, ingestion of contaminated substances (e.g. food, water), or bites from diseased animals/insects.

Examples of some communicable/transmissible diseases are: influenza, COVID-19, the common cold, pink eye, measles, tick-borne diseases, etc.

Windward Healthcare’s Communicable Disease Plan:

Your Occupational Therapist (OT) is available to talk with you regarding our communicable disease safety precautions and plan.  We will work with you help prevent the transmission of communicable diseases while continuing to deliver service in a timely manner.

What if I’m feeling sick?

Sorry to hear that! Talk to your Occupational Therapist as soon as you can to navigate next steps.  They will conduct a brief screen, and collaborate on best options for engaging in timely care.  Options can include: adding layers of protection (e.g. distancing, extra sanitizing, masking, adding airflow), moving session location, changing session tasks, limiting persons attending, moving the session to telehealth (e.g. phone or video conferencing);  or rescheduling*.

*If rescheduling, please offer your OT as much notice as possible as they plan their day and travel route based on scheduled clients.  Late cancellation fees may apply.