Sleep Solutions

Feeling Tired?  Longing for restful sleeps?  Wish you felt more vibrant during the day?

Windward Healthcare is dedicated to helping our clients understand the mechanics of sleep and how to use the right tools so that they can achieve restorative sleep and have energy they need.

Did you know that Windward Healthcare’s Occupational Therapists can Help Improve Your Sleep?

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are university-educated healthcare professionals that work with individuals to restore function in the activities of life, including sleep!  OTs address health needs using evidence and non- medication-based strategies. They take into consideration various factors such as physical, cognitive, mental/emotional, environmental, and past experiences.

Windward Healthcare is proud to provide a step-up in helping you to improve your sleep. In addition to keeping current, our lead OT is a contributing author to An Occupational Therapists Guide to Sleep and Sleep Problems. Our in-depth understanding of how sleep works, the impact of contributing factors, and that it isn’t always easy to implement strategies, is central in our ability to successfully help you restore your sleep.

Why Healthy Sleep?

If you’ve ever experienced a good night’s sleep, then you know what you’re supposed to feel like. You fall asleep easily, stay asleep for 7-9 hours (adults), and wake up feeling energetic and ready for the day. With a healthy sleep pattern, you feel more emotionally able, vibrant, you successfully accomplish tasks, and the sore throat you felt coming on seems to disappear. It’s no mistake that the power of healthy sleep allows us to function – healthy sleep restores and rejuvenates.

Now on the contrary, when you don’t achieve healthy sleep, even for a night, life seems more difficult. You can’t get to sleep, you’re up throughout the night, and all day you seem to be explaining to people “sorry, I didn’t sleep”. If sleep disturbance persists, then health, relationships, and daily functioning can be negatively affected. You may have difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions, feeling motivated, and even the smallest tasks feel draining. Often times people feel like they’re not themselves and something is missing. Well, that something missing could be sleep!

But imagine if it didn’t have to be that way.

Why Aren’t You Sleeping?

There are countless reasons for sleep problems, and some require medical attention. It is always important to discuss your sleep concerns with your physician. Often, there are specific non-medical factors contributing to sleep problems and we can help you identify and resolve them.

Sleep problems are commonly associated with:

  • Pain
  • Concussion
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Habits
  • Injury
  • Low or Depressed Mood
  • Health Conditions
  • Anxiety
  • Shift Work

What Help is Out There?

If you are having trouble sleeping, we recommend you speak with your doctor to help you understand if there are any medications or medical interventions appropriate for you.

Your doctor may prescribe you medications. Medications can be a good solution for certain sleep and other problems. However, some sleep medications are not meant to be used long term and can have side effects. We think it is important for you to be equipped with non-medicative tools in addition to medication you’ve been prescribed to optimize healthy sleep.

You may have a condition such as sleep apnea and be referred for specialized equipment such as a CPAP machine.  We can help you optimize the benefits of this equipment by ensuring the other important factors affecting sleep are taken care of.

The key is understanding what is out there, what works for you, and how to appropriately implement the strategies.

My Sleep Issues are Medically Complicated.  What Should I Do?

Are other health and medical practitioners are involved?  When necessary we are happy to coordinate with them, help arrange referrals, and communicate our recommendations to help you with your overall healthcare picture.

Is Help from Windward Healthcare Right for You?

Whether you’re struggling nightly or your sleep is okay (but not great), we are here for you. We’ve got the knowledge, tools, time, and experience to get you on your way to better sleep. We feel many people could benefit from connecting with us to help improve their sleep and to prevent sleep problems!

Sleep Solutions to Fit Your Needs:

Windward Healthcare’s Occupational Therapy provides effective methods to help you get the sleep you need. After learning more about you and your needs, our OT can provide you with current information and take you step-by-step through a plan to suit your needs. The OT will be teaching, practicing, and monitoring you through the education and strategies. Sessions are typically recommended to initially be weekly or every other week. Once you are sleeping better and feeling confident using the strategies, the OT is always available on an “as needed” basis.  Sessions are generally 60 minutes long and we travel throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Individual Sessions

Rest in Your Nest: Sleep Environment Assessment. Our OTs are trained to assess the sleep environment and offer education and recommendations specific to your needs.  1 Session

Relaxation:  One of the favourites for our clients and clinicians! During these sessions, we provide education and training so you feel competent and confident to use relaxation techniques that are tailored for your needs.  2-3 Sessions

Healthy Habits: Our OTs can work with you to discover what parts of your daily and nightly routines are either promoting or inhibiting healthy sleep. The next step is to provide education and strategies to gradually build in healthy habits that promote restful and restorative sleep. Our OTs provide you with tools for the nights that seem to be going sideways. 2-8 Sessions

Optimizing Sleep: Incorporates, Rest in Your Nest, Relaxation, and Healthy Habits.  It includes assessment, education, and strategies for a customized Optimal Sleep Plan.  This plan is especially suited for those experiencing persistent sleep problems, pre-surgery/post surgical recovery, shift workers and those undergoing hormonal changes.  5-12 sessions.

Group Sessions

Group Learning: Education Seminars: Education seminars are ideal for an event, workplace setting, or community or family gathering.  Our OTs provide education and hands-on skill learning by leading the group in several useful techniques.  Be prepared to feel relaxed and restored!  1 Session of 1.5 – 3 hours is provided, accommodating groups of 2 – 15 (max).

How Do People Pay for Services?

We are happy to work with you and your insurance provider if your sleep issues are resulting from an injury or concussion. Some insurance plans offer discretional Occupational Therapy through extended health coverage. We can help you find out what is covered under your plan.

If you are not covered, we accept direct payment for fee-for-service.

How Do I Get Started?

We invite you to contact one of our occupational therapists for a free 15-minute phone consultation to inquire if this is the right approach for you and answer any initial questions you may have.

Call our administration team today at 604-364-8631 or send us an inquiry using the below form: